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You can view a complete listing of the equipment and services at our affiliate website: rheemcomfort.com

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Image uploadRheem Furnace
Rheem Comfort is more than just a cozy temperature inside your home. Rheem Comfort is knowing you get the best value for award-winning air conditioning and heating systems. For over 80 years, Rheem has perfected the art of heating and cooling, making it easier and more affordable for you to be comfortable in your home. A Rheem dealer can customize a system for your home so that no matter what season, your family can relax. To get Rheem comfort, contact a Rheem dealer today.
Image uploadRheem Air Conditioning
Efficiency of up to 16 SEER if matched with proper coil Uses Earth-friendly R-410A Refrigerant Special base pan provides quiet performance and less vibration Reduce service time with easy access to controls and compressor Limited Warranty: Compressor – 10 Years Conditional Parts – 5 Years (registration required) Condenser Coil Leak – 5 Years